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Quantitative analysis and predictive modeling of financial datasets.

Leveraging extensive financial data training, and by integrating real-time market insights through algorithmic models, we can assist analysts and investors in more accurately forecasting market trends and equity price fluctuations.
This holds significant importance for investment decision-making and risk management. Instantaneous analysis and judgment allow for the delivery of critical insights and interpretations to users within a minute.

Analyzing causative factors and implications of news events within the automatically harvested intelligence.

Ensure timely acquisition of key information through SMS, email, and push notifications.

Prompt detection of anomalies and fraudulent activities assists financial institutions in better identifying and mitigating risks.。

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We offer more than just news.

Whether you're an equity trader, cryptocurrency miner, or a forex trader, Finnews.AI is your optimal financial intelligence solution.

Automated Harvesting

Utilizing the robust search capabilities of artificial intelligence to facilitate comprehensive data acquisition and archiving.

Predictive Analysis

Leveraging AI-driven analytical assessments, we deliver precise predictive insights directly to our users.

Financial Risk Control

Prompt detection of anomalous transactions and fraudulent activities to ensure the security of user funds.

Push Notifications

Through various channels, including SMS, email, and alerts, we ensure that you receive crucial information in real-time.


What services does FinNews.AI provide?

With advanced artificial intelligence technology, news analysis and market judgment are integrated to be bullish or bearish. Our intelligent system can quickly make decisions, allowing you to stay one step ahead of the competition

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